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Alan Cabelly, Ph. D., SPHR, the Founder and Executive Director of the Portland Leadership Institute, has been teaching individuals to lead all his life. He has been a Human Resource Management faculty member at Portland State University since 1980, and has served as Area Director for the Management/HRM Area since 1997. He teaches in all aspects of HRM at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels, as well as to many diverse groups nationally and internationally. 
Prof. Cabelly's doctoral degree is from the University of Washington. His diverse travel experiences (including Egypt, China, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Korea, and Germany) allow him to bring unique approaches to his work.  Prof. Cabelly’s prime focus is on Leadership Excellence, using the DiSC system and other contemporary techniques for Executive and Leadership Coaching. 
He speaks extensively on Leadership and Teambuilding, Work for the 21st Century, The Four Directions of Leadership, The Generation Gap in the Workplace, Contemporary Approaches to Negotiations, and Using Whole Brain Thinking for Increased Effectiveness.
Alan's personal mission is to help individuals increase their leadership skills while finding passion in their work life environment, leading to greater personal satisfaction and increased organization productivity.
Prof. Cabelly has been named SHRM Advisor of the Year, twice Distinguished Member of NHRMA, and earned the Human Resources Award of Excellence from the Portland Chapter of NHRMA/SHRM.  The student chapter of SHRM that he advises has earned the Superior Merit Award from SHRM every year since 1983.  He was President of NHRMA in 2000, and has served as Director of the Oregon State Council of SHRM.  He has run 64 marathons and ultramarathons, and once covered 101 miles in 24 hours while earning $1600 for medical research.
Contact Alan at 
            alanc@sba.pdx.edu  or 
Home:  503-248-6809               
Cell:     503-250-3758